Our Story

Founded in 2015 by Head Distiller James, The Shropshire Spirit Co uses local, Shropshire sourced fruits to produce a range of Great British Rum and Gin called Salopian Spirits.

A background in Economics & Accountancy at University followed by time spent teaching showed that a life in the classroom was not quite for him. So The Shropshire Spirit Co was born. It's aim was to ferment and distil Spirits in Shropshire using the fine range of amazing fruits grown throughout the county. After research it was decided Rum would be the best fit; having grown up in the highlands of Perthshire close to both Aberfeldy & Athol Distilleries the appeal of ageing Spirits was just too much of a draw to pass by.

With the fantastic boom in the Gin industry at the moment it made sense to create a Shropshire Gin first; Salopian Gin No.1 was inspired from Shropshire Strawberries. Found aplenty in the rolling Shropshire hills they allow a smooth, sipping Gin to be distilled using Raspberries to balance their sweetness and 2 secret ingredients to add smoothness.

Salopian Strawberry Rum soon followed. Launched at Cardiff Rum Fest in October of 2016; it is a White Rum with the caramel smokiness of Pot Distilled Sugar Cane Molasses and a Sweetness from the fermented Strawberries. It adds an extra character to traditional Rum cocktails such as Mojitos or Daiquiris.

Starting in a quiet industrial unit in Halesfield with a pallet of bottles and a small copper pot still in the last 18 months Salopian Spirits have gone from strength to strength. Having been represented at events and showcased in shops across the UK; from Cardiff to Banchory this year will see the Spirits taken to the Czech Republic. From an exporting is great reception held at the British Embassy in Prague, Prague Rumfest and Barfest are sure to be great hits this year and the Czech bar trade will hopedully soon be taken with Salopian Spirits.