Salopian Spirits

Salopian Gin No.1

The Shropshire Spirit Co

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Salopian Gin No.1 is a distinctively smooth Gin.

Made from a botanical mix of Junipers, Shropshire sourced Strawberries & Raspberries alongside 2 secret ingredients it shuns the traditional London Dry recipes that can leave a harsh lingering taste. Instead, a subtle marriage of junipers and strawberries flow over the tongue before the strawberries burst into life and warmly trickle down your throat.

 Inspired from a desire for a smooth Gin and his Scottish roots in Perthshire this was Founder & Distiller James' first Spirit to be distilled here in Shropshire.

Serve with ice and a strawberry slice to enjoy as a sipping Gin or top up with ginger ale for a distinctively summery drink.

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